What is Verrutop verruca treatment?

Verrutop verruca treatment is a new therapeutic treatment for verruca and warts. Verruca and warts are one of the most challenging dermatological skin conditions to treat.

Verrutop constitutes a formulation of nitric acid and organic acids, zinc and copper salts. This powerful mixture when applied to wart or verruca causes the infected tissue to mummify and desiccate. This helps trigger cell death. Verrutop is a painless treatment with very few contraindications.

Is Verrutop suitable to treat children’s warts and verrucae?

Verrutop verruca treatment requires no dressing changes and normal activities can continue. Once Verrutop is applied the verruca will gradually turn darker and dry out. This happens within a few days.

Clinical trials have reported a remission rate of 89% of patients after a maximum of 6 applications. These results are better than applying cryosurgery – freezing! Verrutop is less painful than freezing and far more suitable for children.

Verrutop provides visible results from the first application.

 What are the benefits of Verrutop?

  • It’s one of the fastest ways to remove a verruca.
  • It’s one of the most pain-free ways of removing a verruca.
  • It’s 90% effective on those who have between 3 and 6 treatments sessions.
  • It is a treatment for both adults and children as young as 6 years old.

Shortly after the application you may notice a slight irritation around the verrucae. This usually passes within an hour.

A few days after treatment, the area may turn black or itch, this is temporary. In many cases the wart can detach from the skin, leaving normal skin underneath, without any scarring.