Do you feel uncomfortable about uncovering your feet? Want to prepare for a special event or holiday?

Toenail reconstruction (aesthetic toenail correction) is a simple and painless process which enhances damaged or discoloured toenails, improving the overall appearance of your feet.

At We Fix Feet, the appearance of your toenails is carried out by footcare experts, using the latest generation of Toeflex Hybrid-gel. This fungal-resistant resin is built directly onto the treated damaged nail to create a natural-looking veneer.  Topical antifungal preparations may continue to be used with Toeflex reconstructed nails and unlike nail-bar style, traditional acrylic nails or gels, will not damage the natural toenail as it regrows.

sandy feet with beach in background
Toenail reconstruction process

How could toenail reconstruction help me?

If you find that you’re self-conscious about uncovering your feet, toenail reconstruction or correction could be for you. Aesthetic toenail reconstruction could benefit you if you’re affected by fungal nails, thickened or unsightly discoloured toenails, deformed nails or partially missing nails. It is a straightforward process which can normally be completed within a 30-minute appointment.  While nail reconstruction isn’t a permanent solution, your new nail should last up to 8 weeks before the veneer is removed and if required, reapplied.

Generally, an initial foot care appointment will be required to assess and prepare your nails, treating any fungal nail problems or removing nail gryphosis before the veneer can be applied.

We offer Toeflex Toenail Reconstruction appointments at convenient times at our We Fix Feet footcare clinics in Beeston and Ilkeston.  Call us for an appointment or book online.

Toeflex toenail reconstruction