About cupping therapy

Myofascial decompression or ‘Cupping’ as we all know it, is a soft tissue therapy that encourages healing by creating a suction on the skin. The cup is applied to the skin and the pressure within the cup is reduced with either a suction pump or heat to create a vacuum. This vacuum pulls the skin and superficial tissues inside the cup. This helps to release muscular adhesions and allows localised pooling of oxygenated blood.

The increased blood flow to the area will help draw out any toxins within the tissues, remove stagnated blood and activate the lymphatic system.  Due to the increased circulation, cupping has a positive effect on deep tissue muscle repair.

Cupping therapy for sports injuries.

Cupping offers both physical and mental benefits. It can be used on many soft tissue injuries due to the encouragement of oxygen-rich blood to the damaged tissues which promotes recovery.

Cupping therapy also promotes positive mental stimulation.  As the body’s circulatory systems are enhanced and toxins are drawn out, the body will go into a healing and relaxation stage.

What can cupping therapy help with?

Cupping therapy can benefit:

How is cupping performed?

Cupping works by applying a glass cup to the skin in order to create a vacuum. The sizes of the cups vary in size and the number needed is dependent on the patient’s symptoms and the body location involved.

The cups are generally located at sites where there is an abundance of muscle tissue. Such as the back, shoulders, thighs, abdomen and calf muscle. The cups are applied for five to ten minutes at a single treatment session for optimum results.

Suction cupping and sports massage

Our suction cupping and sports massage is a combination of both techniques. These are used to break down muscular adhesions, improve range of movement, release muscular tension, improve recovery time and enhance overall wellbeing.

The treatment helps increase flexibility so that athletes can train longer and harder. Research has shown that when the procedure was performed on athletes, they noted a better range of active flexion and extension movement.

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