Do you need an effective verruca treatment?

A verruca can be painful and persistent if left untreated. You may have tried over the counter remedies but without success. If your verruca resists treatment it will continue to grow and cause you pain.

You might have already tried a verruca treatment such as the counter creams, gels, paints or medicated plasters. You may even have tried Cryosurgery (freezing). If your verruca or wart is persistent, you need a more effective solution.

There is no need to Google ‘how to get rid of a verruca’ or ‘how to get rid of a wart on foot’ anymore…

Thankfully we have a range of treatments that can treat painful persistent verrucae. In particular, Swift verruca removal treatment is fast and effective giving you an easy way to treat verrucae and warts.

Each Swift verruca removal treatment lasts only 2-3 seconds meaning that you can return to normal daily activity after every treatment. It is also suitable for treating a verruca on children’s feet (subject to assessment).

At We Fix Feet, we will see you for an initial assessment to thoroughly check your feet. We’ll identify the nature of your verruca and will let you know the best course of treatment to remove it.

Why struggle with a painful verruca when the problem can be easily fixed with Swift verruca removal treatment?

Our qualified foot care professionals will take good care of you in our Beeston or Ilkeston clinics. Verruca removal and wart treatment needn’t be complicated. And don’t worry – we have catered for your safety with extra Covid-19 precautions.

Get in touch today to take the first step towards pain-free feet.

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