Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis – What it is and how to prepare for it

Gait Analysis is sometimes referred to as biomechanical assessment. It is an assessment of the feet and lower limbs to understand how your feet and lower limbs function. The clinician will undertake the gait analysis, looking at how you walk, to identify links between any symptoms you may have and the position and function of the foot and lower limbs. Included in this examination will be an assessment of the whole body’s posture and an assessment of your footwear.

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Preparing for a Gait Analysis

In order for the assessment to be carried out by the clinician please bring along the following:

  • A range of your normal footwear worn over the last 6 months. This includes any work shoes/boots, casual shoes and sporting shoes. The clinician will look for wear marks as this will give an indication of how you walk or run and whether these are suitable for you.
  • Bring or wear shorts or clothes such as loose-fitting trousers that will roll up over your knees as it is important for the clinician can access these areas.
  • Remember that if orthoses are prescribed they will need to fit in your footwear. These inserts will be designed to alter the alignment of your feet and lower limb.

For orthoses to be effective they will need the correct footwear. Orthoses will not fit into sandals or court shoes.

What happens during an appointment?

In order for the clinician to assess and formulate a treatment plan the clinician will need to:

  • Ask you about your general health, any medical history
  • Get full details of the circumstances and nature of your particular foot problem or pain.

Finally, the clinician will discuss an effective gait analysis treatment plan that will include footwear advice, exercises (if appropriate) and the possible use of orthotics if required.


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