Suffering from foot pain?
We can fix your feet!

Your pain may be related to a range of conditions including achilles heel, a verruca, fungal nail infection or ingrown toenails. Corns and fallen arches are also common causes of foot pain.

Foot pain can affect us all but is particularly common for people with diabetes, osteoarthritis, or those taking regular exercise such as running.

You might notice foot issues such as corns and calluses, pain in the heel of your foot, a fungal nail infection or a pain in your feet you haven’t felt before. Don’t panic.

The good news is that all of these conditions are treatable so you don’t need to suffer any more with painful feet.

At We Fix Feet we will see you for an initial assessment to thoroughly check your feet and ankles. We’ll identify and diagnose any problems and will let you know how we can resolve your foot problems.

From, heel pain, corn removal, fungal nail treatment, nail removal, athlete’s foot treatments, or just generally sore feet – we have the solution for all of these foot problems and many more.

Why struggle on with your painful feet when the problem can be easily fixed?

Our qualified foot care professionals will take good care of you in our Beeston or Ilkeston clinics. And don’t worry – we have catered for your safety with extra Covid-19 precautions.

Get in touch today to take the first step towards pain-free feet.