We turn to thick socks during the winter.We are all concerned about how our feet look during the summer months when we pull out the flip flops and sandals to put our feet on display. However, when winter comes, we tuck our feet into thick socks and boots and hide them away. Regular foot care during winter is often the last thing on our minds. We have compiled some tips for healthy winter feet.

The cold winter weather can have adverse effects on your feet and can stop you in your tracks whilst preparing for the Christmas period and into the New Year.

As the weather turns cold and damp weather conditions draw in, it is important to keep your feet warm and dry.  This is especially important for the elderly and people with circulation problems such as Raynaud’s syndrome and those living with diabetes.  During cold weather, the body moves the blood away from the limbs, such as the toes in order to maintain a constant body temperature for our vital organs.

Top Tips for Healthy Winter Feet

  1. Shoes – make sure you have some good quality winter shoes.  Make sure these are waterproof. To prevent slips and falls it is essential that they have adequate grip. When purchasing your winter shoes consider allowing for extra room for thicker socks.
  2. Socks – Wear thicker non-constricting socks, that prevent heat loss and keep your feet warm and dry.  Natural fibre socks, such as wool is advisable.  If you suffer from cold sweaty feet then you could wear a thin synthetic sock to absorb moisture to a thicker outer sock.
  3. Beware of ChilblainsChilblains are small, itchy, painful lumps that develop on the skin.  They develop as an abnormal response to cold.  If you are prone to developing chilblains then you should keep warm in cold weather and avoid excessive exposure to the cold elements.
  4. Walk Softly – cold weather can lead to slippery and potentially dangerous surfaces.  Even with a good pair of shoes with adequate grip, it is still advisable to walk softly and try not to make any sudden movements.
  5. Sweaty Feet – Feet still sweat even in cold weather which can lead to fungal infections.   See our Podiatry & Foot Healthcare Treatments,  It is important to clean and dry the feet thoroughly each day and change socks daily too.

If you are concerned about your feet then get in touch with our footcare clinics in Beeston, Nottingham and Ilkeston, Derby. Alternatively, you can book an appointment with one of our podiatrists or foot health practitioners.