diabetic feet

Diabetes affects millions of people. These include celebrities like Sir Steve Redgrave, Alexandra Burke and Eammon Holmes to name a few. Below are some tips for monitoring diabetic feet which will help you avoid developing any further complications.

Diabetic Feet – Have you checked your feet?

As an individual with diabetes, you are the best person to take care of your feet.  If you have been diagnosed with type 1 or 2 diabetes, it is extremely important to check your feet on a daily basis. This is to ensure the skin and your feet look healthy.  Nerve damage might make it harder to feel a problem, so seeing is believing!

It is advisable to check every part of your feet. This also includes the ankles and in between your toes.  If you find this difficult then use a mirror or magnifying glass. Alternatively, ask someone to help you who will see your feet on a daily basis.  

Trim nails and moisturise your skin

It is important that your nails are trimmed (straight across) once a month. File thickened unbroken skin gently with a foot file or fine pumice once a week.  It is also important to apply a good quality moisturising cream, such as Flexitol Moisturising (10% Urea) Cream on them daily; avoiding between the toes.

Whilst inspecting your feet, you will be noting any abnormalities and you should also be protecting them from harm.  

Wear socks or hosiery

It is especially important if you are suffering from diabetes to wear socks, shoes or slippers on your feet whenever you are walking somewhere.  The reason being is that you could step on something sharp. This even applies around the house. You may not notice it as you may have signs of diabetic neuropathy (loss of sensation).  It is important that your footwear is comfortable and you have plenty of wiggle room for your toes. Change your socks/hosiery daily, or more often if they get sweaty throughout the day.

Ensure you attend an annual diabetic foot assessment

Finally, it is worth having your feet checked on a regular basis by a qualified foot health professional who will be able to carry out a full diabetic assessment of your feet and footwear.  Regular foot healthcare treatment from our Beeston or Ilkeston clinics will help maintain your health and mobility. You can get more tips on diabetic foot care here. If you have any concerns about your feet then please contact our footcare clinics.