Summer Sandal Checklist from We Fix Feet.

Sandals can be cool, fun and fashionable. But, they’re no good for your feet if they cause you discomfort. So, here’s what to look out for when choosing a great pair of summer sandals with our Summer Sandal Checklist from We Fix Feet!

When the sun’s out, get your feet out! The Summer holidays are coming and it’ll soon be sandal season.

Keep your feet happy with our summer sandal checklist

To ensure you look after your feet, here are the key things to look out for in a good sandal:

  1. A built-in arch support
  2. Cupping of the heel
  3. A sole that doesn’t bend too much
  4. Firm padding under the heel and ball of your foot
  5. Straps that cross the foot to secure the sandal firmly to your foot
  6. A strap that goes across the back of your ankle

There are a number of sandals available that offer these characteristics and still look fashion cool. You may have to pay a bit more and search a little harder, but trust us, your feet will thank you for it!

And you don’t have to give up on trendy sandals that go against all these checks. Just wear them in moderation. Avoid wearing them if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking or standing.

Tips for wearing shoes in summer

Whether you’re wearing sandals or shoes this summer the following tips should help keep your feet happy and healthy.

  • Don’t wear the same shoes every day: If you wear the same shoes every day, you’re using the same foot and leg muscles. Alternating shoes gives your muscles a chance to rest and can help keep your feet supple.  Plus, it’s good to air out shoes to avoid bad smells, as no one likes stinky feet!
  • Take your shoes off when you can: If you don’t need to be wearing shoes, then don’t wear them. Kicking off your shoes helps prevent foot deformities such as bunions and heel spurs. As with alternating shoes, it gives your feet a change and a rest, as well as some fresh air.
  • Wear socks (but now with sandals): If you’re wearing shoes then try to also wear socks. I know it seems counter-intuitive when you don’t want hot feet, but wearing socks is actually cooler. Plus your shoes won’t get as smelly and you won’t get blisters or chaffing. Sandals are often designed to be worn without socks, so a good well-fitted pair shouldn’t cause problems.

Are your feet ready for summer?

Your appointment with our foot health professionals can leave you feeling like you’re walking on air!

Our clinicians will check for and treat problems to ensure your feet are ready for the summer!  So, to book your appointment, contact our clinics in Ilkeston, Derbyshire and Beeston, Nottinghamshire or book an appointment.

The We Fix Feet team wish you and your feet, happy and healthy Summer holidays!