Summer is now fast approaching and you will be getting ready for your summer holidays to put on those sandals, flip-flops or even sliders.  However, do you have the right summer shoe for your feet?  The following guide will give you the information to help you decide.

How do I choose the right summer sandals?

Make sure you wear the correct size sandals.The base of the sandal should match your foot shape. It should be as wide as your foot to provide proper support. It should also have a thicker sole with a low heel to provide shock absorption and protect your foot as you walk around. The second is to make sure the length of the shoe is a perfect fit for your feet.  The simplest way to do this is to place your foot on a piece of paper and draw around your foot.

When you have decided on the sandals place this on top of your foot outline if you can still see the outline of your foot then these are not the correct fit for your foot type.

How should a sandal fit your foot?

As we mentioned, your whole foot should sit within the sole of your sandals when you stand upright.  Signs your sandals are too small include: Your heels protrude over the back and your toes extend or hang over the front.

Is it better to size up or down in sandals?

Sometimes, it’s better to go one or half a size bigger than your regular shoe size, as during the day your feet may expand, especially during the warmer months or if you’re standing for long periods of time. By sizing up, you’re allowing your feet enough room to expand without your sandals becoming too tight.

Is wearing sandals good for your feet?

Sandals and flip-flops commonly offer little to no ankle and arch support. This lack of support can lead to the development of heel pain; plantar fasciitis and can even make you more susceptible to suffering injuries such as ankle sprains.

Does it harm my feet to walk in sandals?

Wearing sandals in the summer. A short duration of time use is OK, but the longer you wear them will pose more instability and strain on the foot. This can cause not only problems in the feet but also will cause symptoms in your knees, hip and back.

Are slides supposed to be tight?

At the forefoot, the straps should be tight to hold the foot in place. Those placed further back should have enough slack to allow the heel to lift and move. For the most comfortable fit, the ankle straps should fit around the heel at the point where it curves inward.

Are slides better for your feet than flip-flops?

They are undoubtedly convenient as you can just slip them on and off as you go from indoors to outdoors. They’re one of the best shoe options for the summer. They’re much better than flip-flops, but again do not offer much ankle support.

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