Proper foot care is crucial for healthy feet. Unfortunately, most people forget about the fact that the feet bear the brunt of various activities while standing upright. If you’re one of them and you continue to ignore your foot health, it may result in serious issues like chronic pain, which may hinder you from enjoying your usual day-to-day activities.

While it’s common to seek treatment after getting your foot injured, it’s also essential to know that a visit to a foot health professional for proper foot care can make a huge difference and may benefit your overall well-being.

As you probably already know, any kind of small problems like an ingrown toenail or a blister can become very painful and prevent you from participating in your everyday activities.

Your feet work hard to keep you on the ground! Just like the rest of you, they deserve to be cared for. You might not find them particularly attractive, however, that doesn’t mean they should be neglected! From the soles of your feet to the tips of your toes, looking after your feet is just as important as brushing your teeth.

Should I moisturise my feet to keep them healthy?

Flexitol moisturiser helps healthy feet.Keeping your feet moisturised will not only leave them feeling soft and supple, but it prevents your skin from drying out and cracking- which can be really painful if it’s not treated. Using a daily moisturiser is a great way to ensure your feet are in tip-top condition. We recommend Flexitol® Intensely Nourishing Foot Cream available over the counter in our footcare clinics.

Do badly fitting shoes cause foot problems?

Indeed wearing ill-fitting shoes will not only feel uncomfortable, but importantly they can also cause damage to your feet. Get your feet measured and don’t wear shoes that feel constrained or lack sufficient support.

Clean your feet every day by washing them in warm, soapy water. After you’ve washed them, always ensure you dry them thoroughly with a towel. Ensure you dry in between the toes. This is a common area for fungal infections to develop, such as Athlete’s foot.

Using simple foot exercises, you can help improve the strength and flexibility of your feet. These include stretching your toes, curling your toes, and pointing your feet. You can do these simple daily exercises at home or on the go.

Just like you get your teeth checked at the dentist, having your feet checked by a professional is incredibly important. You can book a foot health appointment to visit one of our experienced teams online at your nearest We Fix Feet foot clinic in Beeston or Ilkeston.