Do you suffer from runner's injury pain?

Is one of your New Year Resolutions to start running, lose weight and get fit? Are you an active runner? Friend of a runner? Are you concerned about suffering from a runner’s injury? If so, then continue reading!

To a non-runner, the very idea of pounding pavements for hours on end in driving rain, winds, freezing temperatures and darkness sounds ridiculous. However, more and more people are taking to the roads, and falling in love with the sport of running.

Running is accessible, cheap and can be undertaken at any time. It just takes a pair of decent shoes and a big dollop of motivation. For those who continue after a couple of runs, something wonderful awaits, the runners high. Some say running is like meditation, they think of nothing but enjoy the euphoria of being at one with a repetitive movement.

Running now becomes a habit, and with the increased miles something magical happens. You get quicker, much quicker. You lose weight, you feel better and you run further. The positive circle propels itself until the millage increases to a point that unfortunately, injury occurs!

We all know what to do if an injury happens, ask any runner, they will tell you.

  • Rest – don’t continue, as doing so will cause further injury
  • Ice – cool the injured area with ice, indirectly to the injured area to reduce inflammation
  • Compression – bandage and support the injury
  • Elevate the site of injury

However, as many runners will quietly admit, what really happens is this…

You take a day off, apply ice, do a Google search on the symptoms, self diagnose, read research on barefoot running. You do some stretches, consider a new pair of running shoes and go for a test run the next day!!!

The injury gets a little worse, and is usually followed by the same routine again of taking a day off, more Googling etc.. followed by another trial run!!!

This circle of behaviour can go on for weeks, until finally, a runner may admit, it’s not a niggle, “I’m injured and I need to rest for a reasonable period and get some help”. Admitting injury is akin to removing the label of runner for some. This is a huge part of a runner’s identity and is often one of the most pleasurable things in their daily routine.

What do I do if I suffer a runner’s injury?

If you are an injured runner, go easy on yourself. especially if you do the wrong things with your injury. Seek professional advice.  It may be that a postural or biomechanical issue is causing or exacerbating the problem.  It could be a repetitive impact on the foot causing Plantar Fasciitis.

If you do have a foot, ankle or lower limb injury, visit one of our clinics in Beeston or Ilkeston for advice from our foot health professionals.  A Biomechanical Assessment and Custom Made Orthotic Insoles may be something worth considering if there is a limb-length discrepancy or there are alignment problems with your arches, ankles, knees, hips or back.

Our clinics can also help you with sports-related injuries such as back pain, muscle tears, shin splints and much more. Get in touch to discuss how we can help.