With the Summer holidays just around the corner, it’s even more important to look after your child’s feet. No more boots and socks to wear, as your kids will choose to wear sandals, flip flops, and open shoes during the Summer.

For those looking after little ones this Summer, expect dirty, stinky toes and feet where bacteria can have a field day!

Here are 10 top tips to keep your child’s feet clean and healthy during the Summer Holidays.

  1. Clean the nails. Check your child’s toes nails and trim them if needed. Remove the dirt from the top of the nail.  A soft nail brush is ideal, but don’t rub too hard!
  2. Leave your child without socks or shoes for some time, so their feet can air out.
  3. Check your child’s feet for any redness or signs of bacterial or fungal infection.  Ask our friendly Foot Health Professionals for advice in case you suspect an infection. They may recommend an anti-fungal cream that will quickly resolve the problem.
  4. Ensure your child wears cotton socks to absorb natural perspiration and protect their feet from any friction.
  5. Wash your child’s feet daily, as soon as they come home and when they have finished playing.  Soak your child’s feet in warm water with mild soap for about 5 minutes. Wash thoroughly with a cloth and rinse with water.  Dry well, especially between the toes; but do not rub too hard.
  6. Moisturise your child’s feet. If your child has dry feet you can massage them with a moisturiser designed specifically for feet, such as Flexitol Moisturising Cream – it’s gentle, effective, and safe on all skin types.
  7. Wash your child’s shoes and put them outside in the sun to dry.  Dirty shoes can cause infections, and fungus, support bacterial growth and contribute to smelly feet.  However, ensure they are fully dry before they are next worn.
  8. Buy shoes that allow air to your child’s feet. This will reduce sweating and reduce the risk of fungal infections.
  9. Throw away dirty worn-out shoes with holes.  Pebbles and sand can get in and injure your child’s feet.
  10. Ensure your child’s shoes still fit! Kids’ feet grow quickly, sometimes needing larger footwear sooner than we expect. Always have your kids feet measured and shoes fitted professionally. Ensure the shoes fit the feet, rather than expecting the feet to fit the shoes!

So, with the above advice let the Summer season commence!  We cannot stop our kids from going outside and playing; indeed, we should be actively encouraging them to.  So, taking care of their feet is a must to protect them from bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

Teach your young ones how to take care of their feet and how to keep their shoes clean. If you require any help or advice about your child’s feet, contact our footcare clinics in Beeston or Ilkeston.