Fungal nail infections are amongst the most frequent clinical problems we see in our award-winning footcare clinics.

For many years we have been able to identify and advise on the treatment of fungal nail conditions. Previously we had to ask the patient to obtain a nail clipping kit from your GP, take a sample and then ask your GP to send it to the lab.  The results then came about 3 weeks later.

Now, we are able to test a sample of the nail in our clinics.  A Five Minute Fungal test will provide accurate results in under 5 minutes!

What is the process of the Five-Minute Fungal test?

The five-minute fungus test has an accuracy of 97% for the most common nail dermatophytes.  The five-minute test requires us to collect a sample from your nail and test it in the clinic on the same day.

We do this by firstly trimming the nail to obtain a sample of the affected nail.  We then use the testing kit – It’s a bit like a pregnancy test.  After five minutes the test can confirm if there is the presence of the dermatophytes or if the sample is clear.

Happy feet are healthy feet.What are the benefits of the test?

  1. No need to send your nail clipping to the NHS lab.
  2. No long waiting time for results, which may take up to 3 weeks.
  3. Detects the presence of all common fungus types from the smallest sample of nail.
  4. Immediate diagnosis, allowing us to initiate treatment without delay.
  5. Scientifically proven to give highly accurate and reliable results.

Is there reliable scientific evidence that the test really works?

Yes, the five-minute fungal nail test has undergone rigorous testing and to date, a number of scientific publications documenting the success have appeared in the British Journal of Dermatology and the Journal of Dermatology.

If you think you are suffering from a fungal nail infection, you can contact our clinics in Beeston, Nottingham or Ilkeston, Derby. Alternatively, you can find more details about our test here or you can book a five-minute fungal nail test online.