Looking after your feet is really important to help prevent common foot issues. As we head towards spring, we can look forward to heading out more. Whether you’re preparing for an exhilarating Easter egg hunt or a pleasant walk here are some of the foot issues that you should look out for and how to deal with them.

Are you wearing the correct footwear?

Some of the many foot issues that can arise from wearing incorrect footwear are toe deformities, blisters, bunions, and hard skin. In order to prevent these problems, make sure that you wear the correct size footwear for your feet. To see how to correctly measure your feet check out our video.

You should also make sure that you wear shoes appropriate to the activity you are doing. For example, light trainers are better for running than heavy walking boots. Although, if you are going for a stroll through the woods supportive walking boots outmatch unstable trainers.

What foot issues are caused by having wet and dry feet?

You may go out walking this springIt’s extremely easy to get both too wet and too dry feet during spring. First, your feet can become damp from the increase in moisture present both on the ground and in the air. This can permeate through shoes causing your feet to become wet and stay wet. Moisture can soften the skin on your feet making any rubbing from your shoes more damaging. This can also create an ideal environment for the fungus Tinea Pedis to grow, causing both athlete’s foot and fungal nails.

If you suspect that you might have fungal nails then we offer a five-minute fungal nails test. If you are suffering from athlete’s foot or fungal nails then you can buy Mycota cream and powder for athletes’ feet or Mykosept to treat fungal nails.

Your feet can just as easily dry out in this climate as well. For instance, if water settles on your feet, then evaporates this can draw out all of your skin’s oils causing it to dry up. This is similar to when you lick your lips causing them to become sore. Dry feet can cause many different problems like callus and an increased likelihood of corns. It can also develop into painful heel fissures. To best treat dry skin a moisturiser high in urea should be applied like Flexitol Intensely Nourishing Foot Cream.

How do I treat sprains and strains?

While going out on walks it’s easy to overexert yourself or trip up on a tree root which can lead to strains and sprains. Both strains and sprains are caused when a part of the body is overstretched or even torn.

Do you know the difference between a strain and a sprain?

  1. Do you know the difference between a sprain and strain?Strains are the tearing or overstretching of the muscles or tendons.
  2. Sprains are the tearing or overstretching of ligaments which are the connective tissue that connects two bones together.

The best thing to do with either a strain or a sprain is to rest. If the area is painful you can use ice or a bag of frozen peas to numb the area and reduce swelling. If you are still in pain after a long period of time then you should visit We Fix Feet because it’s a sign that something isn’t right.

Contact our multi-award winning footcare clinics in Beeston or Ilkeston, if you develop any of these foot issues. Alternatively, you can book an appointment with one of our Foot Healthcare Experts.