Halloween night has enough frights as it is, with ghouls and goblins patrolling the street in search of sweets.  Don’t add horrors like plantar fasciitis, sprained ankles, and ball of foot pain to the list.

Here are 10 Top Tips to treat your feet for a safer Halloween this year.

1. Don’t forget to layer your socks this Halloween!

Warm wool socks should be worn on the outside with a moisture-wicking polypropylene layer inside. Avoid 100% cotton socks, which absorb sweat and retain moisture.

2. Choose insulated shoes or boots

Insulating materials include Thinsulate – or wear SIDAS insulating insoles this Halloween.

3. Buy a new pair of shoes if necessary this Halloween

Has it been three to six months since you bought your shoes?  Shoes do not typically last much longer than 500 miles if you wear them every day. Runners, people who are overweight, or walkers who traverse rough roads may need four new pairs of shoes a year.

4. Waterproof your feet this Halloween

Coat your footwear with waterproofing spray and look for waterproof materials when buying shoes.  Use plastic bags as foot coverings if you have nothing else.

5. Avoid towering high-heel boots this HalloweenTrick or treat pumpkin

This one is for the adults.  Remember, blisters, nerve pain on the balls of your feet, and plantar fasciitis heel pain are no way to end a fun night!  Kitten heels or lower heels may not match a fun adult costume, but keep in mind it’s not worth days of pain and limited activities for a couple of hours of looking cool.

6. Put fancy footwear in the toy box instead

The witch heels and werewolf feet might look cute, but speciality Halloween footwear can be extremely dangerous for your little ones to walk around in all night. Throw these cutesy costume accessories into the toy box for playtime at home and have your kids wear shoes with nonskid soles, good arch support, heel cups, and firm lacing.  If your child won’t budge on footwear, be sure he or she at least tries those monster feet on before going out for the night and practices stomping around the house in them.

7. Be reflective

Five kids are hit by cars while trick-or-treating each Halloween. The shoes are a great place to add bright reflective tape, so they and their little feet can be seen in the dark.

8. Keep an eye on those laces

Double tie your kids’ shoelaces before going out and keep an eye on them all night for maintenance.  Also, be sure you’ve thoroughly inspected your child’s costume to ensure there are no pieces that could rip and fall or wrap around the feet whilst out this Halloween.

9. Talk about safety before the big day

Remind children to look out for pumpkins and other Halloween decorations on porches, steps, and lawns that could pose a tripping hazard. Arm your child with a torch that has fresh batteries.  Emphasise the importance of staying on pavements and drives, rather than cutting across the grass.

10. Where possible, accompany your kids at a safe distance on Halloween

If you are suffering from foot pain, then do contact us to arrange an appointment.

Remember to stay safe and treat your feet right this Halloween!