19th April 2020.

The team here at We Fix Feet is certainly missing every one of you.  We hope to see you again soon and hear your stories from the lockdown.

We hope you’re managing to keep safe, during these challenging times.  If you have been watching the daily briefings from Downing Street, you will see that as a community and a Nation we are starting to beat Coronavirus together.  We thank you all.

As the Foreign Secretary announced on Thursday in the briefing, the social distancing methods and the practice of staying home, protecting our NHS which saves lives is having an effect.

We at We Fix Feet applaud you all for doing this.

With the United Kingdom in lockdown, and in line with Government recommendations, We Fix Feet will remain temporarily closed for a further 3 weeks.

We have started to contact all of our clients that had appointments booked within the next three weeks.

We hope to be looking to reschedule your appointments towards the end of May, beginning of June.

Once the social distancing restrictions are lifted, we will contact our customers who have had their appointments cancelled due to the COVID-19 measures.

With all this in mind, how are you all getting along with your foot care regimes?

I hope you are looking after your feet and applying moisturiser regularly such as the Flexitol cream.  Remember it’s the blue one to use on a daily basis.

If you have some hard skin or corns on the bottom of your feet then use a foot file to smooth them down.  If you have to cut your toenails do this safely.  Trim straight across the top and using a nail file or emery board to gently smooth the edges.

If you have fungal nails, then regularly apply the Mykosept.

If you are running out of these products please call us.  We will get these products delivered to you and place it on your account.

We still aim to keep your feet in great shape during this time.

So to recap:

As a community and as a Nation, we can be united in continuing with social distancing measures: to stay at home, protect the NHS and to save lives for a further 3 weeks to help beat this disease.

These measures will remain in place until Thursday 7th May when the Government will again review the restrictions.

As previously mentioned we will contact you once we are able to re-open and see you again.

To keep your feet in a healthy condition, apply regular moisturiser daily if possible.

If you need to cut your toenails, please do this by cutting them straight across and using a nail file or emery board to smooth off the corners.

If you need any moisturising cream or any fungal nail treatments please contact us.

Therefore we urge you to stay safe, stay healthy and stay active.

From the whole of the team at We Fix Feet, take care and keep safe.

We will meet again and remember there’s light at the end of the tunnel and we will get there together.