“All I want for Christmas is a new pair of feet”. You will be surprised at the number of times we hear this throughout the year.  However, we do get a lot of clients say that they are “walking on air” or “feel like a new pair of feet” when they’ve been to see us.

Are your feet ready for Christmas? How will you deal with any unexpected foot issues you may experience? In our latest blog post, we are going to focus on some top tips for this festive season!

Are your nails ready for Christmas?

Nails ready for Christmas.If you recently had a pedicure ready for those Christmas parties the chances are they have either cut the nails too short or rounded the corners which can cause ingrown toenails.  You ladies may have had them painted which unfortunately can suffocate the nail.

Our top tips are; try to avoid cutting your toenails for a while and let them grow.  When they do avoid cutting the nails round in a curve, instead cut the nail straight across.

Are your feet ready for the Christmas party?

No doubt you will be wearing those fabulous stilettos or for the guys those pointy shoes which can cause stress fractures if your foot is not properly supported if you have been hitting the dance floor too hard.  Not to mention toenail injuries, callus build-up and blisters to name a few.  If you can still have lower heels and a rounded-toe box shoe so you can dance the night away.

Any footwear that is too narrow can cause calluses and corns both on your feet and toes when they are squashed into a stiletto or pointy shoe.

There is a great top tip to find out if your shoe is too narrow for you.  Place your foot on a piece of paper and draw around your barefoot.  Then place your chosen shoe on top of the drawing.  If you can see the drawing of your foot, then the shoe is too narrow!

Pressure on your lower back and feet

We are coming to the end of the year, that New Year Resolution you had, have you stuck to it and has the weight crept on over the year?  Excessive weight can put more pressure on your lower back and your feet.  In turn, it puts more pressure on your shoes which support your feet.

For more information on how weight can affect your feet, see our blog post.

Dancing pains!

Are your feet ready to party this Christmas?You have been dancing the night away at your Christmas party and you pulled a muscle in your lower back or sprained your ankle.  Back and knee injuries and pain are common problems related to our feet.  This is caused by abnormal body posture or body misalignment.

If you are suffering from one of these issues then come and see our friendly team for a gait analysis who will examine your posture and footwear.

If you are suffering from any pain in the lower limb, call us or book online to see one of the clinicians, so we can give you a “new pair of feet” at our clinics in Beeston and Ilkeston.

Our team wish you a happy and enjoyable festive season.